Growth hacking your business

We help innovative companies to grow using data-driven (online) marketing

The extension 
of your marketing department

We take care of your online marketing activities. Our experience in international business allows us to understand your needs. We translate this into creative and effective solutions. Standard agencies only focus on campaigns; we prioritize your business goals above all else.

Growth marketing
in the heart of Brainport.

From the High Tech Campus Eindhoven we help startups, scale-ups and SMEs to realize their goals.


Tech companies often face challenges in marketing and sales due to engineers’ tendency to prioritize technical communication. However, when engineers collaborate with digital marketers, the outcome can be magical, and growth becomes inevitable.

Proven growth method

We have a well-established and proven Growth Hacking Methodology to assist you in achieving growth, using creative techniques and data-driven insights.

Expert team

Our approach has been refined through over 15 years of experience in business, marketing and creation.

Long-term cooperation

We believe that success is achieved through collaboration and mutual trust. Therefore we strive to work with our clients on a long-term basis, not just short-term projects and campaigns. 

 Your digital marketing needs - covered.


monthly fee.

no surprises

Together we establish a fixed monthly fee, based on your goals and budgets, As the extension of your marketing department, we take care of all desired growth marketing activities, such as:

  • (online) strategy
  • multimedia content creation
  • website management
  • social media outreach and campaigns
  • search engine marketing
  • email marketing
  • marketing automation

Startup Invest.

We love startups. But they often face challenges in terms of time and funding. This is why we invest. If you represent a promising startup, we offer up to 4 hours of our time at no cost.

Some of our Work.

Essentra Components

Essential for all industries


Disrupting the antenna industry

Philips Hue

Lighting has changed

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    Your business goals above all else.

    Our goal is to realize growth for your company. 
    How we do this depends on your ambitions, objectives and budget.
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