We are Digital Junkies

Addicted to online marketing. But not your average agency: we do things a little differently. 

Our approach is rooted in data and backed by years of experience, making us the ultimate growth hackers.


Anyone can set up a marketing campaign. However, what really matters is its effectiveness in both short and long term. That’s why we ask in-depth questions.

Growth as a goal

Our goal is to grow your business. In the online marketing world, it’s all about Return On Investment. And that’s exactly what we offer.

Expert team

Developments in online marketing move at lightning speed. That’s why we work with a team of experienced specialists.

Mark - Digital Junkies


Mark is an online growth marketing consultant with many years of experience. He advises on online strategy and is responsible for implementing campaigns

Teun - Digital Junkies


Teun is a video professional. He is skilled in shooting, editing and post-production of compelling videos for a variety of purposes.

Hugo - Digital Junkies


Hugo is online marketeer involved in content marketing and digital design.



Tim Roovers


Tim specializes in Google Ads and content marketing. He supports your organization in boosting traffic to your website.

Your business goals above all else.

Our goal is to realize growth for your company. 
How we do this depends on your ambitions, objectives and budget.
Contact us, we will help you.