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Disrupting the antenna industry.

ANTENNEX, a pioneering startup from TU/e, is revolutionizing antenna measurement processes with groundbreaking technology. As an industry disruptor, ANTENNEX aims to raise awareness and generate increased exposure among potential clients and partners.


To achieve this goal, Digital Junkies played a vital role in optimizing ANTENNEX’s marketing efforts. We specifically assisted with the successful market introduction of their latest prototype, the millimeter-wave antenna analyzer (The Wireless Connector™), at a prominent Symposium. The Wireless Connector™’ is a user-friendly tabletop solution for very fast measurements of next-generation wireless systems such as 5G or 6G. 


Digital Junkies executed various activities, such as targeted campaigns, and the creation of user testimonials and demo videos for both the exhibition and the website. These initiatives were implemented to enhance ANTENNEX’s messaging and effectively showcase the capabilities of The Wireless Connector.

"The story we tell matters as much as the technology behind it. Digital Junkies enabled us to leverage both. 
They helped us gain engagement for the largest international trade show in our field. By the time we got there, many had already heard of us."
Anouk hubrechsen
Anouk Hubrechsen
CEO Antennex

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