Philips Hue

Global awareness, greater brand recognition, increase sales

Lighting has changed.

Philips Hue is the inventor of internet-connected lighting and has grown into one of the leaders in the “Internet of Things”. 




In an interim capacity, we played a pivotal role in assisting Philips Hue in achieving significant brand recognition and driving sales through a targeted range of marketing strategies.

Taking charge of managing and developing the global awareness and sales campaign titled “Lighting has changed,” we spearheaded efforts to leverage various online media channels, including pre-rolls, display advertising, and search engine advertising (SEA), alongside traditional channels such as TV and out-of-home advertising. The aim was to amplify brand exposure and stimulate sales.


As part of our mission to reposition the Hue brand, we diligently adjusted messaging and devised the compelling “Turn on Living” campaign, which highlighted the multitude of benefits that Philips Hue lighting brings to enhancing overall quality of life.


Furthermore, we actively participated in multiple online product launches, such as the Hue tap and wireless dimming kit. Our primary objective was to develop captivating content and deploy effective promotional strategies to generate excitement and drive maximum sales.


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