NS International

NS International is a renowned high-speed transportation brand that offers efficient transport services to national and international destinations.  We were entrusted with optimizing various aspects of their digital presence and operations to enhance their brand value and outreach.


One of the key tasks  was providing SEO courses to NS International’s marketers and copywriters to help them stay updated on search engine optimization practices. We also initiated a project aimed at improving the position of moderately performing keywords to boost their online visibility and traffic.


Another crucial task we performed was optimizing all of their Google Ads campaigns. We provided an overseeing role towards the agency responsible for campaign management and recommended strategic adjustments that resulted in significant improvements.


Additionally, took charge of managing affiliate marketing to create profitable collaborations with potential partners. Initiated the social media campaign “Win a Coupe” that helped to raise brand awareness and attract new customers.


Furthermore, we worked on enhancing their customer relationship management (CRM) by implementing effective e-mail marketing strategies, building a consumer database, and collaborating with NS to create a cohesive brand image.


Overall, our work for NS International helped them achieve their business goals by strengthening their digital presence and operations, and creating more effective marketing strategies that drove customer engagement and loyalty.

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